I have noticed that my friend (or spouse or parent) is losing their balance or falling more often these days, but they refuse to do anything about it. When I bring it up, they say they will “take more care”. They will not even tell their doctor. I am worried about them but I do not know what to do?

Falling may be due to factors other than ‘not taking care’. Unfortunately, taking more care is usually not enough to prevent a fall. But it can be difficult for an older person to tell their doctor, friends or family that they have been losing their balance or falling, because this is not how they see themselves.

One way to approach this is to consider the important and meaningful things in their life that reflects who they are. For example, for older people this might be keeping up with their grandchildren, socialising with friends, gardening, keeping their independence, or just doing what they are doing and enjoying life. You could approach the subject by asking, “How can you keep doing the things that are important to you?”

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