The NoFalls exercise program was designed as one of the interventions in a larger trial run by the Monash University Accident Research Centre and the City of Whitehorse, in the local government area of Whitehorse, in Melbourne, Australia.

Over 1100 people, 70 years and older, were randomly allocated to an exercise, vision assessment or home hazard reduction intervention group, or to a combination of these. Lesley Day et al showed that these exercises significantly reduced the number of falls experienced in this population. The effect was greater when the exercises were combined with either or both of the other interventions.

Active Ageing Australia developed the ‘Train the Trainer’ and ‘Train the Leader’ program in response to significant interest in the exercise program, to facilitate its implementation by appropriately trained exercise leaders.

  • The Leader Training and manual provides a successful exercise program to promote safety for older adults, by reducing the risk of falls. It assumes a basic level of training in the delivery of physical activities.
  • The exercises are designed for a 15 week group program
  • Exercises are clearly explained and illustrated
  • Details of precautions, modifications and progressions are given where necessary
  • Clear details of when to introduce different exercises are provided, with a chart giving the duration of exercises within each session
  • Suggestions for a home exercise program are given
  • Pages can be photocopied for use by participants in home exercise programs

For further information on the NoFalls Leader Training contact Active Ageing Australia on (08) 8362 5599 or email