Not eating a balanced diet from each of the five food groups can be a risk for falls and increases the likelihood of an injury if you do have a trip, slip or stumble. By eating a wide variety of foods you are guaranteed to receive all the essential vitamins and minerals required for everyday health.

If you are underweight, have had a significant weight loss in the last 3 months or are malnourished you may also be at an increased risk of having a trip, slip or fall. The fact sheet Eat well and stay strong has further information.

The Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults details information on the number of daily serves and serving sizes that older adult’s should consume to eat a balanced diet from a variety of food sources so that they are meeting their nutritional requirements. Nutritional requirements vary across the lifespan so it is important that these guidelines are followed. For a brochure on strong bones, muscles and healthy eating see the Stay on your feet® QLD site.

For specific dietary advice contact your local Day Therapy Centre to make an appointment with a Dietitian or Nutritionist