A range of services are provided by various health professionals. To stay independent and mobile and reduce your risk of having a trip, stumble or fall you may be referred to some health professionals who may include:

Improve your balance, unsteadiness, muscle strength and walking. They can also provide you with walking sticks or frames. The Australian Physiotherapy Association website provides listing of all registered physiotherapists.

Occupational Therapist
Help with daily living needs and rearrangements in your home. Help you to maintain your lifestyle and independence. Occupational Therapy Australia provides information on the role of the occupational therapist.

Receive help with foot care, footwear and walking. The Australian Podiatry Association SA provides a range of information on podiatry, including info for the public.

Continence Nurse Advisor
Rushing to the toilet can cause falls. Seek help with bladder and bowel problems. The Continence Resource Centre SA provides continence services and advice.

Manage your weight, manage diabetes, eat well for your bones and nutritious meals on a budget. The Dietitians Association of Australia has a range of information about dietitians and smart eating.

Reduce the effect that feeling anxious and sad can have on your physical health. The Australian Psychological Society provides information on the role of psychologists in counselling on their “Community Information” page.

Speech Pathologist
By addressing swallowing issues a healthy diet can be maintained. Speech Pathology Australiaprovides consumer information on its “Information for the Public” page.

Review your medications for possible interactions that may be contributing to falls, available via aHome Medicines Review.